About us

The company was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing and marketing IoT solutions for the bus fleet management. The company makes use of well-tested technologies and a team of specialists with more than ten years' of experience in this sector.

Our Mission

We aim to create tools to increase the competitiveness of our customers, by providing them solutions able to increase the productivity of their vehicles, improve the quality of the services offered and reduce the operating costs.

Our Market

Our solutions are aimed at public transport and logistics operators, ecological service operators, but also at vehicle rental centers, technical assistance workshops and yachting.

Our Solutions

We provide innovative solutions for the vehicles Tracking ( from the simple tracking to the Service Certification, improper use of vehicles). These solutions are dedicated to the remote sensing of data for the scheduled maintenance (e.g. Engine hours, distance travelled) and to the corrective maintenance (reports of vehicle failure in real time, predictive diagnosis), for monitoring the correct use of vehicles (Driving Style and Geofencing).

We also dispose of solution for the management of the technical and administrative scheduling, and the Managerial accounting (cost-benefit analysis).

Research and Innovation

Internationally, we are actively participating in the initiatives of the Logo ITxPT association, sponsored by Logo UITP for the development and dissemination of ITS systems in the world of Public Transport.

Locally, we are taking part in the ITC Pole initiative and the Torino Wireless Foundation.