Vehicle predisposition with the FMS-standard connector

The most known predisposition for the access to vehicle data is represented by the FMS-standard connector, defined by an ACEA working group joined by all European manufacturers, that allows the on-board equipment of an aftermarket monitoring system to access to some of the vehicle's CAN network data without interfering with its operation.

The connector data are made available through a standard protocol that can be downloaded from the

The first condition to be verified during the vehicle purchase phase is therefore that the FMS predisposition is included in the planned equipment. In fact, retro-fit installation on vehicles already delivered can be quite expensive and not always efficient.

It is also very important to consider that the standard only defines the rules and formats of data coding, but leaves to the manufacturers the discretion to decide which messages and data are actually made available on the vehicle. In addition, many manufacturers apply commercial policies that tend to limit the data set made available on the FMS connector.

In the downloads page of this site it is possible to download a facsimile of the data recommended by us for an optimal predisposition to the implementation of fleet management services.

In particular, for the implementation of remote diagnostic services it is essential to require the implementation of the FMS1 message (PGN FD7D) which contains the so-called "tell-tales" (TTS). Through this message, the states of failure or anomaly are reported on the vehicle dashboard, and they generally correspond to the activation of yellow or red lights.

In the downloads page of this site you can download a facsimile of the "tell-tales" that we recommend to have a satisfactory remote diagnostic solution.

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