About us

The company was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing and marketing IoT solutions for the bus fleet management. The company makes use of well-tested technologies and a team of specialists with more than ten years of experience in this sector.

Our Mission

We aim to create tools to increase the competitiveness of our customers, by providing them solutions able to increase the productivity of their vehicles, improve the quality of the services offered and reduce the operating costs.

Our Market Target

Our solutions are aimed in particular at Public Transport Authorities and Operators.

Our Solutions

The 4Fleets© interoperable platform offers innovative solutions for telediagnostics of vehicles and predictive maintenance, fuel consumption analysis, driving style monitoring, and on-board crowding monitoring on public transports.

4Fleets© is available in cloud in SaaS mode and is designed to allow the connection with the new TiGR communication standard, applicable to vehicles of any brand.

In case the TiGR protocol is not available, 4Fleets© can be directly connected to the on-board FMS-standard port by the on-board installation of a small control unit specifically designed for the retrofit.

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Our Services

The standards used for this purpose are the on-board CAN Bus-FMS interface and the most recent Internet protocol TiGR, promoted by the international association ITxPT

However, the standard protocols (Bus-Fms or TiGR) leave wide margins of discretion in the implementation and the simple request for the presence of the protocol in a supply does not guarantee in itself an implementation level able to satisfy the needs of the application to be implemented.

It is therefore necessary that the specifications be integrated with specific definitions of the data that must be made available through the protocol. These data can vary greatly in function of the target of the monitoring system to be implemented and the type of vehicle, in particular as regards the new vehicles of the energy transition (hybrid, electric and hydrogen).

We are at the disposal of Public Transport Authorities and Operators, to assist them with our know-how and our tools, both in the definition phase of the requirements and in the subsequent verification of the implementation carried out by the manufacturer during the acceptance phase of the vehicles.

Our services include:

Consultancy in the drafting of specific requirements for the factory predisposition of vehicles with the BusFMS and TiGR protocols.
Technical assistance in verifying the implementations made by the Manufacturers.

Click Here to learn more about the predisposition of vehicles with the TiGR protocol.

Click Here to learn more about the predisposition of vehicles with the BusFMS protocol.

Research and Innovation

Our solutions have been tested within the European projects Logo EBSF e Logo EBSF2

We adhere to the ICT Polo of the Piedmont Region and to the Torino Wireless association.