About us

The company was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing and marketing IoT solutions for the bus fleet management. The company makes use of well-tested technologies and a team of specialists with more than ten years of experience in this sector.

Our Mission

We aim to provide Transport Companies with innovative and interoperable centralized solutions for fleet management, able to communicate with vehicles and on-board devices of any brand, by using industrial standard or open communication protocols. Interoperability allows users to freely choose from the market, from time to time, the components most suitable for their needs, without the technical-commercial constraints of vertical solutions "turnkey".

Our Market Target

Our solutions are aimed in particular at Public Transport Authorities and Operators.

Our Solutions

The 4Fleets interoperable platform offers innovative solutions for telediagnostics and predictive maintenance of vehicles, fuel and energy consumption analysis, driving style monitoring, and on-board crowding monitoring on public transports.

4Fleets is available in cloud in SaaS mode and is designed to allow the connection to vehicles with the new TiGR communication standard, applicable to vehicles of any brand.

In case the TiGR protocol is not available, 4Fleets can be directly connected to the on-board FMS-standard port.

Logo 4Fleets

Our Services

Our services include:

Support to Fleet Owners in the definition of technical requirements for the factory predisposition of vehicles with the BusFMS and TiGR protocols.
Technical assistance in the testing and validation of the implementations made by the Manufacturers.

Research and Innovation

Our solutions have been tested within the European projects Logo EBSF and Logo EBSF2.

We adhere to the ICT Polo of the Piedmont Region and to the Torino Wireless association.