About us

We are a Turin based company born in 2014 from a corporate spin-off, from which we have inherited decades of experience in the development of fleet management applications and other software solutions for our customers.

Strengthened by our ongoing experiences, we propose ourselves to support our customers in the digitalization of asset management processes.

We participate in research, innovation and sustainability projects also at European level, such as Horizon Europe.

Software and website development

Over time, we have acquired extensive experience in the implementation and management of relational databases, in particular Microsoft SQL Server, and in the design and development of data collection and IoT platforms (SaaS or On Premise solutions).

We daily work to find the best human interfaces for web applications (Asp.NET and Web Service) and transforming data into valuable informations, or presenting data in advanced graphical formats for every reporting need.

We also support our customers in the development of customized websites and small e-commerce, SEO, E-mail marketing and positioning on Google Business profile.

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Our solutions

Logo 4Fleets

Our experience in the fleet management applications has allowed us to develop a market leading platform in the digitalization of the maintenance process for local public transport fleets. Visit our dedicated website www.4fleets.it.

The magazine Sustainable-Bus.com wrote about 4Fleets©, read the news here...

Logo 4Pass

An application for monitoring on-board passegners crowding, capable of integrating data from the passenger counting system with weight data and calculating the level of crowding on board in real time. The calculated data can then be displayed on our platforms or made available to third-party applications via our Web API.

This solution helps to improve public mobility in the city of Lyon, read the news here...

Logo GesFLO

A CMMS application for the workshop management, which starts from the opening of the job order and goes up to the editing of the accounting balance sheets.

The company Amia di Verona has been using this application for over 10 years.

Our services for digitalization

The development of a software or a website never ends after the initial launch phase, new needs and functions to integrate emerge daily.

We stand by our customers to accommodate these needs and integrate our products with maximum flexibility and time to market.

Our services include:

Consulting in the design and drafting of application requirements
Annual assistance and evolutionary maintenance contracts
SQL database development and maintenance
Website development consultancy and updates package
SEO, E-Mail marketing

Research and Innovation

Our solutions have been tested within the European projects Logo EBSF and Logo EBSF2.

We adhere to the ICT Polo of the Piedmont Region and we collaborate with the university of Turin.

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